Product Description

Technical Parameters

ApplicationRangeof SK Series Ceramic Filter Plates

SK series micropore ceramic filter plates are highly efficient energy-saving and eco-friendly products our company has researched, developed and manufactured based on cooperation with several ceramic research institutes and introduction and adaptation of overseas advanced technologies. Our products are widely applied in the dehydration of various minerals including steel, iron, zinc, lead, nickel and aluminum and the acid-free treatment of sewage of tailing dehydrators. The materials granularity ranges from -200 meshes (accounting for 50%) to -400 meshes (accounting for 50%) and a few microns. With high resolution, high separation accuracy, high operation efficiency, excellent technical and economic indexes and extensive adaptability, SK series micropore ceramic filter plates have won users' trust.

Our products have been widely used in the tailings dehydration of non-ferrous metal, precious metal, ferrous metal, nonmetal and other ore concentrates, the dehydrators for oxide, electrolytic residue, leached slag and furnace slag in the chemical industry, and the treatment of sewage, mud and waste acid in the environmental protection industry. The materials granularity ranges from -200 to -450 meshes. We also provide a variety of superfine materials.

Note: B1 = fan-shaped board under the wide unit: Mm
B2 = install center distance
B3 = fan-shaped plate width
L = high fan-shaped edge
Fan-shaped plate thickness H =
The other based on user requirements of various types of products foot village
Ore Particle size distribution Feeding concentration Treatment capacity kg(m2h)-1 Filter cake moisture
Gold concentrate -200~-325 meshes 50~60 900~1500 6.5~11.5
Gold tailing -200~-400 meshes 50~60 400~600 13~16
Copper concentrate -200~-325 meshes 50~60 600~900 6.5~12
Iron concentrate -200~-325 meshes 50~60 850~1500 6~10
Zinc concentrate -200~-400 meshes 50~60 750~900 6.5~12
Lead concentrate -200~-325 meshes 50~60 650~800 10~12
Aluminum concentrate -200~-325 meshes 50~60 350~450 10.5~12
Lead-zinc tailing -200~-325 meshes 50~65 350~550 12~16
Cyanide residue -200~-450 meshes 50~60 350~550 21~24
Sulfur concentrate -200 meshes 80% 50~65 350~790 8~12
Nickel concentrate -200~-325 meshes 55~60 300~600 10~12
Clean coal --200 meshes (accounting for 80%) 50~65 550~930 18~20
Zinc oxide -200 meshes (accounting for 75%) 55~65 620~1200 8~12
Fluorescent powder -200 meshes (accounting for 60%) 55~65 750~900 8~12
Norm Dimensions  

2m2/12 B1=225 3m2/12 B1=200
B2=165 B2=160
B3=382 B3=430
L=316 L=450
H=25 H=25 -28
3m2/12 B1=287 3m2/12 B1=170
B2=239 B2=120
B3=485 B3=360
L=385 L=427
H=25 H=25 -28
4m2/12 B1=338 4m2/12 B1=334
B2=276 B2=290
B3=555 B3=560
L=440 L=445
H=30 H=28 -30

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